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 The Bugles & Drums of the Stedfast Association
  100th Anniversary of The Great War 1914-2014
    Commemorative visit and band tour to Ypres & The Somme
29th August - 2nd September 2014

'Thanks' to all those providing the video footage and photos, especially those taken by Brent Greenwood.

Because of the number (over 60) and size of photos etc, on some mobile devices, the images etc will take time to load and appear!

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But prior to the tour, we held at RAF HALTON (Bucks)
a combined Tour and Lord Mayor's Show weekend practice.

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Video Footage taken in Ypres (Click the arrow)


Sunday Morning Church Parade to St. George's in Ypres
31st August 2014

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Some of the many 'Parade and Ceremonial' related
photographs taken during the tour

Some less formal photos

There are also a small selection of photos on David Kemp's site (see Band Personnel Section on new web site)