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Lord Mayor's Show 2014
Saturday 8th November 2014
City of London

On Saturday 8th November 2014 we made our third appearance in the televised (BBC1 TV) Lord Mayor’s Show from The City of London.
2014 saw us parade our largest number of members todate, 70+ members.

Our previous appearances were in 2006 and 2009.

The band would like to hear from more people who think they would like to join us; especially those who are 'ex Boy's Brigade', 'ex Girls Brigade' or those currently active members of the respective youth organisations and are aged 18 and over. You will need to be able to march about 4 miles or so in total
; oh yes, and a packed lunch is provided by one of the parades sponsors.

Before the parade you need to practice!

Please click arrow to view Ypres and Lord Mayor's Show
 Practice Weekend at RAF HALTON (Bucks)

The day of the parade arrives!

Click on the arrow below to see not only us in the 2014 Lord Mayor's Show; plus our band founder and former Coordinator managed to send us live on BBC1 TV, an 'on air greeting'!

Similar clip to above, but edited in a different way

Same location (The Mansion House) but
from a different angle! - Sound fades in

Marching up Cheapside from Mansion House towards
St Paul's Cathedral - Outward Parade

Top of Cheapside and near the gardens to the rear of
St Paul's Cathedral (This clip is more of a sound bite)

Return Parade - Leaving Temple Gardens via the
Embankment to head towards Queen Victoria Street

Return Parade - Passing under Blackfriars Bridge
into Queen Victoria Street - Playing 'Bugler'
(Bridge name on blue edited caption is wrong)

Return Parade - passing The Mansion House

Some Photographs taken on the day!

West Smithfield; where the Bands assemble and
dismiss (Photo taken from - BADOTSA)

The Rotunda (West Smithfield); waiting to move down to the
start point. (Photo taken from - BADOTSA)

Again at The Rotunda.
(Photo taken from - BADOTSA)

..... and again at The Rotunda.
(Photo taken from - BADOTSA)

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***Awards, Certificates and Letters***

For further information on joining the band; either write to us direct via or go to the 'Contact Us' page link on the left or telephone 01684 562426

History and Facts about The Lord Mayor's Show Parade: -  For 800 years (come 2015), the Lord Mayor of London was the grandest position that a commoner could dream of reaching, and the Mayor's journey was the celebrity spectacle of its day. Over the centuries it grew so splendid and so popular that by the 16th century it was known everywhere as the Lord Mayor's Show. It is featured in the plays of Shakespeare, in the diaries of Samual Pepys and in the adventures of James Bond. But probably it is best known as a childrens fable/story and also the Christmas pantomime of 'Dick Whittington and his cat''. Yes, Richard 'Dick' Whittington was a real person and he really was the Mayor of London, four times, so the old childrens nursary rhyme of 'turn again Whittington three times' is also true. 

Richard Whittington was born in Gloucestershire in 1354, and Died 1423. In 1402 then aged 48 he did marry Alice FizWarin (Fitzwarren) daughter of Lord FizWarin, so again that part is true in the pantomime; it is not known if he really had a cat? 

In the 20th century the Lord Mayor's Show parade was the first outside event ever to be broadcast live and it still attracts a TV audience of millions on BBC TV. As to the parade itself, there is both an 'outward' and 'return' parade. The outward parade is from (London Wall to top of Fleet Street (and start of The Strand) via Cheapside and St Paul’s. The return parade starts from the Embankment (between Embankment and Temple Tube Stations) via Blackfriars and Queen Victoria Street. Thousands of spectators will clap and cheer you along the way, even if it is raining.

You will find other photographs and video/tv footage from all three of our appearances (2006, 2009 & 2014) in Video and MP3 Links Section of this site.