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The Bugles & Drums of
The Stedfast Association

As from 1st June 2015, this site will only be updated with photographs and videos; and will be used primarily as an 'archive'.

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Thank you to all those who have provided photographs or live footage of the band in the past, currently or in the future.
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 The band was started in 2000 by former members of The Boys' Brigade in London, to help celebrate the Millennium.The band was previously known, until 31st December 2007, as the London Stedfast Association Bugle Band or "LSABB".

For those of you viewing this site for the first time click the arrow to see the footage of the band in our second appearance at the televised Lord Mayor's Show Parade in London, in 2009.

In the 'MP3/Video/web links'section you will also find footage of our other appearances in the parade in 2006 and 2014


In addition to this site and the bands current site, you can find lots of items relating to the band, the BB in days gone by and Stedfast Associations; by visiting David Kemp's general information web site, which you can access by clinking HERE

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Latest Activity

The band conducted a training weekend at RAF Halton for both 

Flanders & Lord Mayor's Show

19th & 20th July 2014